I like being in crowded public places and taking the bus. I carry a sketch book everywhere and draw people around me. I write down little bits of conversations I hear. I take pictures of people’s outfits, shoes and hair when they aren’t looking. I must confess I’m a voyeur sometimes and I’m nosy and curious and never bored. I’m a social anthropologist moonlighting as a hairdresser. I couldn’t even make up the stuff I hear! I never run out of material to inspire my work!
I have lived in Oakland since 1998 and attended the California College of the Arts for illustration. Self-publishing books and zines is a passion as well as printmaking and drawing.

My web show, THARP WORLD, co-created by Alison O.K. Frost can be seen on YouTube. It’s an improvisational comedy series  started in 2012 where we create art in every situation and you can imagine totally unscripted. We’ve filmed in underground bunkers, at county fares, in the corner of Alcatraz and San Pablo, deep in the forest, at a Cat Power show, in a time warp to the 90s’, and at the Compound Gallery in Oakland where we both work. Think Pee Wee’s playhouse meets Bob Ross.